Everything Canning

From traditional water bath to lightening fast, modern steam canning, with video lessons, PDFs, and ebooks, this is Everything Canning

This is your year!

Now, you'll master:

Traditional water bath canning (like how Granny did it, but with majorly improved, time-saving techniques and modern-kitchen approved tools...no giant black speckled pot required!)

Lightening-fast steam canning (same recipes, just 25 minutes faster per batch!)

Techniques for preserving

  • Jam
  • Tomato Sauce
  • Roasted Peppers
  • Pickles
  • Applesauce
  • And more!


If you've felt sick to your stomach at the thought of braving a super-crowded, understocked grocery store this spring, Everything Canning will help.

Do you get a produce subscription box or belong to a CSA and wonder what to do with the glut of veggies some weeks? The answer is the Everything Canning Course; you can preserve nearly any veggie or fruit with canning and it will be shelf-stable for up to a year or more!

If you struggle with food allergies or wish it was easier to know what you were feeding your family, canning is the answer. Simple, wholesome recipes and fresh ingredients are the only things that you'll preserve in your jars.

If you've wanted to make more food yourself but feel like you just don't have the time, canning can be your saving grace. Canning saves so much time by cooking foods in advance. Just crack open a jar and serve fully cooked tomato sauce on pasta or pizza, in soup or enchiladas, or a jar of applesauce for a healthy snack, delicious cake filling, or clever baking addition. Never worry about what to serve your guests; jars of colorful pickled veggies and flavorful salsas will line your shelves.

Canning is about to become your secret weapon against food insecurity, waste, allergens, and the stress of feeding your family.

Get started now!

The Everything Canning Course is a Bundle of

  • The Start Canning Video Course
  • Steam Canning for Beginners Video Course
  • The Canning Jump Start Guide (a visual guide with equipment and pantry checklists, a season planner, elevation adjustment guide, and more!)
  • The Canning For Beginners Ebook Bundle
    • The Canning Essentials Workbook
    • Start Canning 101 Ebook
    • Steam Canning for Beginners Ebook
    • 5 Canning Recipes for Kids PDF
    • 10 Canning & Freezer Meals Booklet

Public Service Announcement:

Canning saves time.

I know, that sounds crazy but it is TRUE. Having healthy, homemade food on your shelf ready to feed your family is a GAME CHANGER.

Hello to tomato sauce that's already cooked

Hallelujah to applesauce that's canned in kid-friendly sizes so you don't have to scoop it into bowls and it's ready to take-and-go

YESSSSSS to sophisticated, hors d'oeuvres-ready veggies like carrot pickles, pickled jalapeños, and pickled pearl onions

Mmmmhmmm to jam that's made with fruit you feel good about and that's ready to head out the door on your toast or bagel

I know how you're feeling.

You want to, but you're not sure if you have the time and you don't think you'll be able to figure it out. You are busy, and stressed, and you don't need another thing that's not working out on your plate.

Canning is way faster and easier than you think- this is NOT your Granny's canning

I might be spilling the beans by telling you this right now, but most canners today waste a ton of time on steps that are completely unnecessary.

You don't have to sterilize your jars before canning: They are sterilized during processing!

You don't have to simmer your lids in a saucepan: You haven't had to since the 1960's!

You don't have to can ALL. DAY. LONG: You can preserve just a few cups of berries into jam, or a few pounds of apples into applesauce, or can a tiny batch of salsa into sweet little jars to give as gifts. MANY jam recipes can be DONE in under 30 minutes!

Here's another secret:

You probably have almost everything you need already in your kitchen.

You don't need a giant, space-hogging speckled black pot: You can use a pot you already have + a silicone trivet (a $10 buy in most stores or on Amazon) instead!

You'll need: New lids, jars + rings (I say a dozen to start out, in smaller sizes), a jar lifter (this is the ONE thing you probably don't have!), a funnel, and a pot + silicone trivet (or a rad steam canner).

That's it! That's the complete canning equipment list.

It is my mission to make canning as FAST and EASY as possible so you can

  • feel good about what you're eating
  • be excited to share it with others and
  • be at ease that it's on the shelf (and not at the end of a semi-scary grocery store line).

Get started now!

Your Instructor

Jennifer Gomes
Jennifer Gomes

A junior high and community college English teacher by trade, blogger by nap time, I love to help others learn that handmade, homemade, and self-made make our daily lives better and more fulfilling.

I started canning when I was pregnant with my first child (some gals paint baby rooms, I made 100 jars of applesauce). I poured over cookbooks, stood sweating in the kitchen, certain that I'd give me, my husband, and my unborn baby food poisoning.

I sorted through pots, pans, ladles, funnels, lids, rings and so many jars.

I scorched jam, under sugared, over spiced, broke jars, and learned the hard way why you need a specific set of tools.

I want you to skip all that worry, uncertainty, and time wasting and jump right to the good part where you get to enjoy nourishing foods months after harvest and know what is in every mouthful.

Now, I'm a Master Food Preserver. You don't have to worry about learning any potentially dangerous methods or outdated techniques from me. I'm here to help you preserve food the modern, fast, and safe way!

Courses Included with Purchase

Canning Jump Start Guide
Equipment Checklists, Visual Guides, Season Planner, & 10 Easy Recipes to Get you Started Canning!
Jennifer Gomes
Canning for Beginners Ebook Bundle
A collection of ebooks to get you started preserving delicious, homemade food in jars today!
Jennifer Gomes
Start Canning
Canning for Busy Beginners
Jennifer Gomes
Steam Canning
Canning in Half the Time: The Fastest Canning for New & Experienced Preservers
Jennifer Gomes

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