Canning Equipment Resource Page

Here's what you need to start water bath canning.

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You need a canning processing pot. It can be this one...

Or this combo of a pot and a silicone trivet.

You need canning jars. I really like the wide mouth pint size because they are 2 measuring cup capacity, they double as drinking jars, and are what I consider to be the most versatile jar.

These jars are the quintessential mason jar and I like them for canning juice in particular.

These are smaller size jars, and they are great for jam, applesauce (to-go size!), and more.

You MUST have brand new lids. You absolutely can have used jars and used rings/bands, but you MUST have new lids.

You don't NEED ajar lifter, but they are very helpful, and are frequently sold in a set with a funnel which is a MUST.

Here's a really nice canning funnel, sold by itself.

You need trusted, tested recipes from a cookbook like one of these. I have these books and love them all.

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