1 Hour Coffee Liqueur


This homemade kahlua recipe can be prepared and dispensed into bottles for gifting or enjoying yourself in an hour. It is a simple recipe that my mother has used for years and this coffee liqueur is delicious both hot or cold in a variety of mixed drinks. It also is easily doubled and is best made with friends. Read on for a delicious homemade kahlua recipe that won’t have you tied up in the kitchen all afternoon!

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In addition to the following ingredients you will need jars for storing or gifting. You can pour some of the kahlua back into the fifth bottle, use canning jars, or any variety of the Grolsch brand (or similar) bottle. I scored a dozen bottles at a homebrew shop while in college and they were inexpensive and well made. I love the rubber flange which ensures a great seal and mine have lasted 10 years without needing replacement. If I had to buy more bottles, I might get clear glass as it is fun to see the color of the concoction you are serving. They are available by clicking the photo below.

Combine in a large saucepan:3 cups white sugar (I have used turbinado sugar and it was delicious also and contributed to the maple-y flavor to good effect)

12 tablespoons instant coffee
4 cups water

Simmer for about 45 minutes. Stir often and notice the syrup reducing. Remove from heat and cool.Once the mixture is cooled, pour in1 fifth (750 ml) vodka
3 teaspoons vanilla extractStir and using a funnel, decant into perfectly clean bottles. Give as gifts or save for yourself. It will keep up to a year.

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